Software Engineering

Sakotek has a combine experience of over a half century in designing and implementing mission critical, high-end solutions, customized to customers' specific requirements such as extending and enhancing an existing solution or building an entirely new and innovative application. Every business is defined by its own unique characteristics. Sakotek realizes this and hence specializes in developing highly customized solutions, which could be either custom development projects or product implementations. Knowing the key challenges in development lifecycles, Sakotek continually strives for innovations when handling the most important issues - requirements management, product quality and cycle time. Through a combination of collaboration tools, visual modeling, re-usable components, assets, and Global Delivery framework developed by our highly motivated team strives to positively impact the project's success.

Software Consulting Services

Our Comprehensive solutions and services range across business functions including strategy level, solution evaluation and acquisition, requirements scoping, development and implementation, roll-out and user training, hand-holding support during go-live and ongoing support.

Enterprise Software Developments

Our solutions help clients to drive commercial value from technology investments and take advantage of increased sales opportunities, cost efficiencies, new revenue stream generation and improved communications with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. We use right mix of resources and technologies to develop custom applications.

We focus on understanding business requirements and effective application development for all sizes and complexities of businesses and organizations. Our affinity to use modern battle tested technologies in tandem with industry best practices when designing and implement robust applications for our clients place us miles ahead of the curve.

Software Engineering Placements

We do understand how tough life can be as a hiring manager, especially when one can hardly squeeze half an hour out of one's busy calendar to perform screening for a potential team members. That is why we spend considerable amount of our resources in securing first class technical screeners to weed-out unqualified candidates before submission. We meet with our you to become your recruiting partner. We don’t want to just be ‘another agency’, we strive to be the agency of choice for your business.

We work on a traditional contingency model recruiting, but also offer a retained RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) model to really have us as your partner.

Software Development Training

Our high-impact training team is made up of seasoned and passionate software engineering leaders who are also committers of several open source platforms.

We offer the following training:
  • Software Design & development on the Java Platform (JEE)
  • Mobile Application Design & Development
  • Software Automation Testing
  • Database Management & Administration
  • DevOps Engineering
DevOps Engineering

Here at Sakotek, we do not just believe "infrastructure is code", we actually implement infrastructures using the best and greatest technologies. Our teams are experienced in partnering with companies that have recently drank the proverbial "DevOPs-Is-Code" Kool-Aid but are still wrapped-up in the world of out-dated processes that less effective at best. Below is how we can help reduce your development to production deployment from several months to minutes:

  • Review your current infrastructure and how it ties in with your application stacks
  • Perform a CICD maturity metrics on your current development platforms and their respective application stacks
  • Recommend a custom strategy tailor made for your needs based on findings from the maturity metrics
  • Re-engineer your CICD pipelines using modern but battle tested tools
  • Implement cloud agnostics infrastructure that supports most leading cloud vendors
  • Implement a single pane of glass management platform for all your cloud environments irrespective of whether they private, public or hybrid
Dedicated IT Support

A Dedicated IT Support is crucial to maintaining efficiency and productivity of your business. No matter how big or small your computer network is, having the right IT partner will make all the difference. With the right IT partner, you can not only stop worrying about IT service issues and focus on core of your business, but also leverage the latest in technology to help it grow further

Our team at Sakotek is well versed with managing broad spectrum of networks for various businesses. We have developed best practices across each industry, and leverage it to reduce down-time thereby improving your business bottom line.

Our custom solutions fully integrate with your company infrastructure so its just like having your own in-house IT services. Here are some key factors that sets us apart from our competitors

24X7 Help Desk Support - We provide a full coverage and not by a call center but by Certified Professionals and our help desk system truly integrates with your infrastructure.

Real-Time Network Monitoring - We can partner with you to provide premptive help desk solutions--a monitoring system backed by modern technologies with comprehensive artificial intelligences.

Backup Solutions – Sakotek recognizes the fact that your data is critical. We provide both local and Cloud based backup solutions that will protect your business from data losses that are automated, totally secure, and extremely reliable